PDA Used In Supermarket

2022-11-30 15:55:00 28

Each product in the supermarket has a unique barcode, the worker use our PDA to scan it to collect the data, including product name, serial number, price, inventory data, etc.

Our M1 PDA use new generation datalogic E3200/E3250 slim 2D imager scan engine, Support VGA and megapixel versions, Optical precision scanning mode, which support up to 10 multiple barcodes to be read at the same time. 20 scanning illumination, adapting to different environments.

With lightweight and slim design, M1 is slips easily into the pocket and is easy for users to use, hold and carry. M1 can withstand mulitiple drops from 1.2m to concrete from -10°C to 50°C and 500 tumbles at 0.5m .Integrated metal battery compartment can ensure uninterrupted power supply during falling and overturning impact .Large battery capacity with refined power consumption, 3 hours charging time but 15 hours working duration, 50 days standby duration.