Company Profile

Established in 2012, As rugged industrial terminal expert, Shenzhen Love Perfect Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in designing , manufacturing and selling mobile computer, industrial tablet, and RFID terminal. Our products were widely used in these industries, including logistics, transport, courier, warehouse, supermarket, healthcare, retail, farm, army, police, emergency rescue, and outdoor sport. With 10 years of experience, professional technology, high quality, competitive price ,and attentive service, Love Perfect have built up long term cooperate relationship with customers in more than 50 countries.

Love Perfect has own R&D team,  including 30 software and hardware engineers, most of them have rich theoretical knowledge and practical expericence, so as to meet all kinds of requirements.We have helped many customers realize their needs in various scenarios: measuring temperature for COVID-19 prevention; measuring vibration for special chemical plants; measuring height for the logistics industry;  low-frequency reading and writing (15CM ultra-long distance) for the animal husbandry industry ; using own internal networking in mines (no need 4G network or WIFI ); using electronic fences in special industries (based on 2.4G WIFI); using15-meter ultra-long-distance scanning in the warehousing industry ; Special PDA for cold chain and cold storage industry; Infrared meter reading for power industry; ID card identification for police industry; PSAM for financial industry; UHF RFID for special fields; Adding hardware walkie talkie on PDA ;Explosion-proof PDA for special security industry ; Reading special DPM barcodes on laser engraving, mechanical stippling, and inkjet printing. we even left 50*50*10mm space inside the product, so that we can develop any functions that customers want and place their own modules.


Welcome to put forward various personalized customization requirements. Even if the order quantity is only a few hundred units, we can help you realize it.