UHF RFID Reader Used In Farm Management

2022-11-30 15:51:29 28

Each animal has a unique RFID tag, which contains a lot of informations, such as serial number, breed, data of birth, and farm address. RFID tags are superior compare to barcodes, because paper barcodes are easily damaged, and the distance of barcode reading is very short. The RFID tag is durable and the reading distance of UHF RFID reader is up to 20meters. 

Staff is required to enter admin and password before using the handheld terminal, which ensure data security. In the daily work, staff use the PDA to read the RFID tags to collect and record these animal informations in bulk, including food ratio, weight gain, vaccination, periodic physical examination. These datas will be uploaded to database by 4G network or WiFi to create a complete electronic profile for each animal.